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LEGO Mindstorms EV3

Who wouldn’t want to build a robot? This one from LEGO has to be one of the most complete and versatile on the market today. Great project for kids to learn, even us BIG KIDS! Truly your imagination is the limit with this kit as there are so many combinations that you can create and program to do what you want. After all what is more fun than a robot?

  • This ROBOT has a very capable ARM9 processor
  • The robot is super connected with Wi-Fi, USB port, Micro SD & can be connect to the INTERNET too!
  • There are lots of accessories such as interactive servo motors, color sensors, touch sensors, infrared sensor, etc.
  • This set has over 550 blocks that you can combine into many different robots and devices. The kit comes with one set of plans and you can download many more from the Internet. These plans are not only from LEGO but many are made by the Mindstorms fans themselves!
  • The robot can be controlled by its on control or you can download an app for your smart phone.
  • Become part of a huge community of enthusiasts & have many hours of fun!