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Intelliboost Emergency Power-bank!

This is a real lifesaver, good for all emergencies from jumping your car to powering your cellphone to using your laptop. At about the same size a a cellphone you can’t ask for more power and if you are like me you are always looking for somewhere to plug in one of your devices. This is a real problem solver so that you have one less thing worry about while on the Go.

  • This compact unit has a big punch delivering up to 500 Amps of power, enough to jumpstart a car!
  • The battery is about 5 times bigger than what is in your average cell phone, so you have lots of backup power!
  • Lots of extra adapters to fit most any cellphone or laptop.
  • This battery has 2 USB outputs, a laptop output and a jump-starter output
  • There is even a convenient LED Flash-light.
  • All this is a compact and well designed carrying case.

This is truly a quality solution to your everyday needs. Checkout the video below and see how amazing this unit is!