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Smart phone accessories you should have to make taking videos easier.

These two devices make it easy to hold in free form your cell phone to take photos or make videos. I got this combo to solve to constant problems, one I always getting my hands in the way of the camera or I’m touching the screen without knowing and messing up the video. This is where the Hot Shot handle is great as it makes it easy to hold and shoot. As a side benefit it is easier to hold and I feel more secure about not dropping my phone.

The next problem I always have is how to take videos “hands free” with my cell phone. So I started looking for a super flexible tripod that I can mount almost anywhere as I always doing adventures things on the beach, the park or other challenging places to make videos. The GekkoPod is super flexible and you can bend into enumerable configurations to hold your phone and attach it to many different places for amazing angles for your action videos or just taking photos.