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Christmas is coming! Get your favorite Lego Star Wars sets before they sell out!

Everyone has enjoyed Star Wars since they were a kid. Relive the adventures with these highly detailed sets. These are the latest sets with the new cast members so that you can enjoy new adventures!

  • Millennium Falcon set is super detailed with hidden compartments, moving turrets, space for two pilots. There is a wide range of weapons that you can use from blasters to pistols, gang pistol & rifle, plus a blow caster too! Relive past adventures and new one too!
  • X-Wing Fighter the amount of features in the fighter is amazing : there are 4 spring-loaded shooters, with an additional 2 stud shooters, there is even retractable landing gear, plus the wings open! You can put your pilot in the cock pit with his BB 8 Droid in back and be ready to take on the Evil Empire!
  • Tie Fighter is the favored ship of the Empire this will be the foe that you will fight against. This iconic design is very detailed and the model is approximately 9 inches long so that this is the perfect addition to any Star Wars collection!
  • BB-8 Droid this is the latest addition to the Star Wars family. This is the perfect piece to bring your collection up to date!