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You have a smart phone, now you need smart luggage!

This is the latest in cutting edge carry on luggage for the total connected experience. This bag does it all from GPS tracking to charging your cell phone to sending Uber to get your lost bag!

Definitely watch the video this bag has it all:

  • Connects remotely with you smart phone so you can locate where is your bag, then you can use your smart phone to lock or unlock it and amazingly you can even weigh your bag.
  • While on the go it has a built in battery that you can use to recharge your devices so you will always have a back up power supply with you as you are travelling. I can’t count the times when my battery went dead an there was no easy place to recharge. This bag can charge your phone up to six times!
  • There is a custom designed compartment on the front of the bag to put your electronics like your laptop, etc to reduce the hassle of going through airport security.
  • One additional feature that sounds really advantageous to a person like me that can forget where things are sometimes. It has a proximity sensor to alert you when you get separated from your bag. Too me that is just too cool.